Precision Handgun Jacket Products

Hines Tactical Precision Jackets are known to for their amazing physical consistency and performance. Custom bullet makers use Hines Tactical Precision Jackets for unparalleled performance. Bullets made with Hines Tactical Precision Jackets are used by competition shooters and hunters who aim to control every variable but the wind.

Hines Tactical uses the highest standards in specifying our jackets. We control critical geometry of our jackets with extremely tight tolerances: wall thickness, concentricity, and taper.

Only Hines Tactical meets these stringent requirements with every bullet in every lot.

The bullet jacket is but one of may variables that competition shooters and hunters rely upon. Using Hines Tactical jackets eliminates one important variable to let shooters focus on other variables as they pursue their winning shots.

Handgun Jackets

Diameter Length
380 cal  
.380 0.500
.380 0.545
9 mm  
.355 0.500
.355 0.545
40 cal  
.400 0.544
45 cal  
.450 0.625
.450 0.700