Handgun Bullets - Lead Core

Hines Tactical Precision Bullets are manufactured to exacting standards. We control our bullet manufacturing with the same tight tolerances we use to produce our precision jackets.

We control critical geometric features, including concentricity, runout, roundness, ogive consistency, meplat flatness, bottom radii, hollow-point cone, and mass.

Only Hines Tactical meets these stringent requirements with every bullet in every lot.

We use Hines Tactical jackets for consistency, precision, and performance.

Standard Handgun Bullets

Diameter Weight Type
380 cal    
.380 90 gr JHP
9 mm    
9 mm 115 gr JHP
9 mm 124 gr JHP


Custom Handgun Bullets

We will manufacture bullets to your specifications. Preferred volumes are 1 million units per year and greater. Ten million is better than one million.



Please visit our Contact page for contact information. Ask for Steve.